Darjeeling is a district of West Bengal and a prized possession as its mix of beauty and adventure and intriguing culture and traditions that attract thousands of lakhs of tourists from around the world boosting the state’s economy. This small town has large parts of landscapes covered with tea plants. No wonder its tea is famous throughout the world. Another attraction of Darjeeling which is always crowded is the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a toy train. It makes it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from this, Darjeeling offers excitement, fun, adventure, and everything that you seek making it worthwhile and most visited tourist destination.


Tiger Hill :

This is the best trekking spot. It can be accessed by foot or by vehicle. People go early in the morning to capture the mind piercing sight of the rising sun. It will steal your breath away and it’s just priceless. You will also enjoy the most amazing view of the Mt.Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest from here.

Batasia Loop :

This place enables a 360 degrees view of Darjeeling while in the toy train, covering an area of 50,000 square feet.

Happy Valley Tea Estate :

Established in 1854 by an Englishman it has one of the highest tea factories in the world and is one of the major tourist attractions in Darjeeling.

Japanese Peace Pagoda :

A Japanese Buddhist monk built this Buddhist shrine during 1885-1985. It is located amidst some really enticing locations. With its white color and golden sculptures it looks just amazing.

Observatory Hill :

Locally known as the “Mahakal Dham”, is the most worshipped place. It is believed that if gone with a pure heart and faith, your prayers shall be fulfilled.


Most inhabitants of Darjeeling is inhabited by Nepalese and Tibetans, Lepchas and Bhutias from Sikkim. Hinduism and Buddhism are the two religions mostly followed here. It has a diverse culture which co-exists in harmony and they are very friendly and welcoming people. The cuisine of Darjeeling is also quite varied. Rice forms the dominant part their meal. The most popular local snack is Momos, cooked served with clear soup and achar. Other popular food is 'Thukpa', which is a hot noodle soup with meat, eggs and vegetables. Kinema, Churpee, Shaphalay, bamboo shoots, milk and Sel roti, which is made from rice form their traditional foods. Their most popular delicacy is tea. They indulge themselves in alcoholic beverages from time to time which include, Tongba, Jaard and Chhaang.



March and April is the spring season of Darjeeling and is the best period to visit Darjeeling, especially for the flower lovers. Darjeeling boasts off out of the world view of flowering plants of different colors. Rhododendrons and Magnolia are the common ones. Many other different kinds of garden flowers are at their full bloom and are extraordinarily plenty. The sky will be clear, but you can expect strong winds and even hail storms at times but even with this unpredictable weather Darjeeling is probably at its best during this period of time.


May, June and July form the summer season in Darjeeling. The temperature goes up to 19°C, but a good chance of showers and hails can be expected around this time as well. June to September is the proper monsoon period, with frequent showers in the month of May. So you can experience the combination of wet and warm climate at this time, still not bad to give a visit. Darjeeling is beautiful on its own way during this period and will give you a different kind of pleasure.


June, July, August and September forms the peak monsoon time. The sky remains hidden inside the clouds Rain is what you will get to see most of the time and when there is no rain the foggy will completely embrace Darjeeling, coating away all of its beauty. Being positive, you can make plenty of warm and cozy memories locked up indoors in the best of hotels of Darjeeling as the prices of the best hotels will also go really low. Some of you may still dare to go get the taste of some chili Darjeeling. Weather begins to change as September walks in. Sometimes Darjeeling experiences landslides that can cut off important roads but since there are several other routes to Darjeeling, it will not be a huge problem.


October and November make up the autumn season. Darjeeling comes back to life during this time with the rains gone and the fogs start clearing. The clear blue skies peeks again and the most eye pleasing view of snow-peaks begins to show. This would also be a good time to go visit Darjeeling.


December, January and February is the winter period for Darjeeling. The mornings can be quite cold, but the daytime comes to life when the sun is up as the town rings up with the hustle and bustle because of Christmas and New Years just around the corner You can get the awesome view of the great mountains as the skies remain clear and you can get out to shop, hang around and go exploring into the depths of Darjeeling.

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